Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where has the time gone?!?

Writer's Corner...


I seriously underestimated this script writing thing.

It's not that I can't come up with material, though in the past ten days I have spent more time staring at the little flashing lights I see in my eyes now that the lenses are gone every time I get a migraine.

It's rather psychedelic.

It's that I am now at page 70 of my script and I've got so much story left to tell.

I'm thinkin', montage.

Of course I had planned a montage from the beginning- mostly of several of the dates that my heroine, Lindy, will be going on in her quest to date a man of every single one of the Keirsey temperament types (except the one type that is so rare- less than one percent of the population- that she can't find one. Or thinks she can't...)

I have so many notes to review and again it's my vision that's been the biggest challenge.

But, enough of my whining (or 'whinging' as our Australian friends would say).

Today's poster quote: (and I know, I'm I'll give you a couple)

Scriptwriter: Crow T. Robot
Script: I Call No Way

(that one is for all you "Mysties" out there)

In honor of tonigh's premier of the 11th incarnation of Doctor Who on BBC America (which I have dvr'd and am under order to save until my kid gets home- she and the man of the house are after all scripting an episode of the show this Screnzy)

Scriptwriter: The Doctor
Script: Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey, Stuff.

Scriptwriter: The Master
Script Title: Global Domination (100,000 pages)

Scriptwriter: Homer Simpson
Script Title: Writing is Hard!

So there you have it, folks. Now...I have writing to do before I can do the writing I really need to do.

My aim is to get the thing to 100 in the next few days and then be a Screnzy Rebel and editing...

Please, don't tell Chris Baty. Or Jennifer Arzt.

It's just that if I keep writing I'm going to end up with a 300 page epic before the month is out and then who'll buy it and make it into a pretty shiny movie? Hmm?

Okay, so nobody's going to make it into a pretty shiny movie.

But it is so fun to dream.

Quiet on set! Writer at work.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today's Poster Quote and Page Count

Welcome to my visitors! Happy you've stopped by. I hope that you find a smile here or something to help spur you along that yellow brick road to Screnzyland (What, that's Oz? Whoops. My compass never did point North).

Today's quote from the poster:

Scriptwriter: Bernard Black (from the British Comedy Black Books)

I'm trying to get in a ten page day today knowing that I have two pretty icky doctors appointments coming in up the next week (eye guy and Endodontist- neither is much fun though they're both perfectly lovely men they just poke me with pointy things repeatedly...)

I'm almost there- I was at 35 pages last night at 12 and I'm at 43.

I'd have been done sooner but I had a visit from my sister (which included drinking multiple caffeinated beverages so that's good for Screnzy) multiple phone calls to the ISP/Cable provider to try to explain the folly of having signed me up against my explicit instructions for the HDTV package when our TV is from 1999 and my eyeballs aren't even HD- and then of course there was the impromptu rendition in the living room of Heartland by Celtic Thunder (see my sidebar- it's my Anthem for 2010) in which we had to imitate the expressions and staging of the original number (my teen daughter and I that is).

I am told this will have to be captured on videotape.

Heaven help me.

I hope your Screnzy day turned out well. Feel free to drop me a note via Screnzymail if you are enjoying your visit here and/or buddy me if you like. I like watching people's pretty bars move- it motivates me. Remember, we're all in this together!

Tomorrow I'll try to post a small excerpt from the new stuff I've been writing for the screenplay...

You've got just enough time to go to the refreshment counter for popcorn! Stay tuned.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood...

Days what,, have been a blur.

But when it comes to Script Frenzy that's in incredibly fun, exciting blur (the rest of life not so much).

First of all, I've managed to keep up with writing every day though my eyes and life conspired against me (I'm at 33 pages and yet to write tonight- would love to see 40 before midnight if I can just get it in gear...but I am not in that place yet where I can add to the script at the moment...have to wind down first as writing comedy when you're stressed out seldom works (for me at least).

So! To waste time...I mean, to inspire fellow Frenzies as to fun they can have with Screnzy merch (and I do loves me some OL&L Merch...and don't forget to get your golden ticket when you order your fab merch by donating!)we were super excited when our Young Writer's Kit arrived yesterday!

Now, I should say that even though we do have an excuse to buy this (like you need an excuse to love cool stickers and awesomely logo'd wall art) in the form of our teenaged student in-house Screnzier nobody needs an excuse to buy something this cool.

We got out the shiny markers and the glittery stickers and even some really cool metallic brads and we customized our poster. We will be framing it after our first Screnzy is complete and it will hang here next to my desk for the forseeable future where it will inspire us to take new literary leaps. I will have to get one for next NaNo to do the same with.

We felt, however, that with only three Frenzies in the house (it's a family thing for us) that some spaces needed to be filled in.

So I said to my kid, let's create some 'cameos'- add some famous characters to our list as if they were Screnzy-crazy too.

I asked, what would their script be called and how many pages would it be?

I started us off by filling in "Missy Piggy" with a script entitled "Moi" and a projected length of 5000 pages.

We went on from there.

I'll post a new 'celebrity guest scriptwriter' with each of my blog posts here and through the rest of Screnzy. I think we have enough spaces...

For today, a bonus...

Scriptwriter: Han Solo.
Title: What's in it for me?

So there you go.

Now, it's back to my epic future blockbuster! I hope you're all enjoying Screnzy as much as we are.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day One

So, last night I said that by a couple days in, as is normal for NaNo, my socks would no longer match and I would not care about this.

Tonight, I'm wearing flip flops. I'm nearly barefoot and we've just passed the 24 hours in mark! What does that MEAN???

I have to admit I'm loving this so far and that the Final Draft 8 was a great investment. Now that I'm getting used to the keyboard shortcuts, they really save tons of time and the text to voice feature is so hilarious (not to mention it's really going to help with my eyes).

Am excited to see a few familiar names from last year's NaNo on the Screnzy forums. Good people who write good stories.

As for my progress, I could have kept going after the 16 pages I did so far (half last night right after midnight as is tradition for me- half tonight) but I want to think on this a bit. I also have a group writing project that I need to get back to and add to that's rattling around in my brain so I have to let it out. It's frightened, locked up in there.

I'm beginning to think that the best part of Screnzy for me is getting to see the story unveiled to myself but instead of in words as is standard when I write (or even as narration as characters seem to 'dictate' their story to me- when it's like that the writing is so much fun) but as a film instead as it goes along- it's so much less stressful to me somehow than novel writing.

Of course, I haven't really gotten into the meat (and granted I'm not writing a heavy emotional epic) of the story yet but I did overcome my first huge hurdle that I wasn't quite sure how to handle- the whole set up for the 'experiment' that is the premise for the story. So there's a good feeling in that.

I'm loving my supporting characters (again) this happens to me every time...

So here's to a productive day tomorrow too- in which we'll catch our first glimpse of the character that I hope will, in many wonderful and varied ways- make the story much more complicated, and interesting.

Hope you all had good first days.

I love the OL&L people. I can't wait until my snazzy wall chart gets year (Yeah I know, YWP, but I have a kid doing Screnzy and not only that but I'm really just three thirteen year olds. Or four nine or so year olds.

I like shiny stickers. Pretty!

Speaking of shiny things if you're a Frenzy don't forget to get your golden ticket! Throw ten bucks into the donation bin. You know you wanna. They give us so much. Let's show em some love.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minutes to Midnight

Counting down the minutes until my first try at Script Frenzy begins...

I'm armed.

I'm definitely dangerous (you think they let just anybody have a sonic screwdriver pen?) socks still match. Tomorrow, not so likely.

I'm ready to write a movie. Well, no I'm completely not ready but hell, I'm going to try anyway.

Good luck everyone!